ConvaTec Introduces Thinner Versiva XC Dressing Designed to Improve Conformability


Thinner dressing with Hydrofiber® Technology designed to improve patient comfort and ease-of-use while creating an optimal wound healing environment

SKILLMAN, NJ, [June 6, 2011] - ConvaTec, a world-leading developer and marketer of innovative medical technologies for community and hospital care, today announced the introduction of a new and improved version of Versiva® XC® dressing. The new Versiva® XC® dressing is thinner and designed to improve the ability to conform to the body.

The new and improved Versiva® XC® dressing includes a thinner layer of adhesive, making it 40% more conformable at its border.1a Greater conformability is designed and intended to improve flexibility, which may enhance patient comfort. The dressing was developed based on feedback and collaboration with clinicians and nurses who use adhesive dressings to help promote wound healing.

Because Versiva® XC® is thinner, it also represents a more discreet dressing option that can improve patient confidence that the dressing will remain in place and is designed to support improved healing, healthy periwound skin and increased comfort.

"In my opinion, the dressing improves patient comfort and confidence because it conforms more readily to the body and reduces the potential for the dressing to roll up when the patient moves," said Sarah R. Grcich, BSN, BC, CWOCN, Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse, Porter Hospital and Ostomy Clinic, Valparaiso, IN. "In addition, I believe less time and fewer dressing reapplications may be needed by nursing staff due to catching or rolling on bed linens or clothing."

"Versiva® XC® fits a multitude of wounds from a basic cover to more complex draining wounds," states Mary Stirland, MSN, RN, CWON, Certified Wound and Ostomy Nurse, Enterostomal Nurse Specialist, Alle-Kiski Medical Center, Natrona Heights, PA. "The option to keep the dressing in place for up to seven days allows the clinician to optimize dressing changes leading to the appropriate use of time and money."

The thinner Versiva® XC® dressing is currently available within the U.S. in adhesive and non-adhesive dressing options for use by healthcare professionals to manage chronic and acute wounds and is easily identified by the "Improved" label on the box.

About ConvaTec

ConvaTec is a leading developer and marketer of innovative medical technologies that have helped improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. With four key focus areas - Ostomy Care, Wound Therapeutics, Continence and Critical Care, and Infusion Devices - ConvaTec products support healthcare professionals from the hospital to the community health setting.


Versiva, Versiva XC and Hydrofiber are registered trademarks of ConvaTec Inc.


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